The Spiritherapy pathway is for all people who want to know themselves more deeply,

be happy despite the many trials that life has in store for us, develop their potential, feel fulfilled, free themselves from the many traps that create inner discomfort, find their mission in the world, contribute to improve our society.

The Spiritherapy is based on a spiritual pathway that can be helpful for both people who believe and for those who didn’t receive the gift of faith.

It was born to respond to the needs of the street youth in the Community. Most of them were agnostic, atheist or angry with God. They were the first ones to experience the great benefits of this pathway. Even though when they arrived at the New Horizons Community they were desperate and devastated, today they testify their rebirth and many of them help those who live in situations of deep distress in any way they can

The Spiritherapy can help you to find Faith.

You can discover that not only is there unexpressed and unexplored potential in your spirit, but if you commit to learn how to pray with your heart and to talk to God, you can receive strength, light, discernment, consolation, healing, inner freedom, peace and fullness of joy beyond any imagination, thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit.

First steps in the Spiritherapy

IF YOU WANT TO START DEEPEN CERTAIN AREAS OF THIS PATHWAY YOU CAN BUY THE BOOK and take the first steps, and you can participate at our COURSES

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This book can really help you in your personal path

It will not be enough to read it: if you want to experience the positive effects in your life, you need to commit to doing the exercises at the end of each chapter continuously for at least a month.

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