Spend your life for somethinggreat!

I only have one life and I want to spend it for something great!

I only have one life and I want to spend it for something great!

Since I was a child, I felt a very clear and strong desire in my heart! I had a deep thirst for joy, peace, interior freedom, truth, love and … to live every moment to the fullest! I followed many paths to try to find answers, I questioned many people to cherish the wisdom they gained throughout their life, I listened to amazing people to learn how to live, but more than everything I started to let the Word of life of Jesus reach me. For me Jesus is not only the greatest among men, but also the Lord of creation, the Word of God.

In this way, I realised that if we open our hearts to spirituality, Love will open for us new horizons and life can become a beautiful divine adventure despite all the difficulties and sufferings.

I also learned not to settle for mainstream truths that the world offers or imposes upon us. This allowed me to continue my search with my heart and mind open and let this ongoing conversion shake me. This is what every honest search for Truth, Good, Love and God requires.

I kept looking, doubting, questioning myself and being put into crisis. I went through dry and scorching deserts, I sank into infernal abysses as cold as death, and I tried to climb challenging mountaintops in order not to settle for a life half-live or not lived at all, and to look for answers to the deepest needs and questions in my soul.

In the summer of 1983 when I was 17 years old something changed my life forever.

One evening I went to Sperlonga (a seaside town near Rome) with some friends and on the way back the car we were in skidded and we ended up off the road. In the split of a second and in panic I realised that we were falling off the cliff and that we wouldn’t survive. We screamed and then… – I don’t know thanks to what miracle – we managed to get out of the car just in time. Our car kept falling and was a wreck, but the four of us managed to survive. That night I saw death face to face for the first time and in a never-ending moment I saw my whole life. I asked myself: “And now? What is there left?”. In that exact moment a new light was imprinted in my soul forever: EVERYTHING WILL PASS AWAY, ONLY LOVE REMAINS..

That night Claudia (one of my best friends who was in the car with me) and I made a deal:

“This life could end at any time! We need to help each other to live every moment in the best way possible so that when death comes to take us, we can say we lived our life to the fullest and we turned it into a Gift of Love!”.

At the time I could have never imagined that only two months later Claudia would be run over by a drunk driver and would actually diewithout being able to say one last goodbye. That moment dramatically changed my life. Claudia signed our deal with her life.

Claudia’s sudden departure also confirmed my desire to live every moment to the fullest and as a unique gift that life gives us while keeping in mind that EVERYTHING WILL PASS AWAY, ONLY LOVE REMAINS.. My desire to LIVE FOR SOMETHING GREAT became greater and greater.

From that moment on, I intensified my spiritual journey and I found amazing answers. I found the fullness of Joy and Peace. I found the freedom our soul is so thirsty of and I since then I have always desired to share it with as many people as possible.

This is how my new journey started, a journey through the hell of the streets and in the darkness of many hearts in order to rekindle hope for those who lost it.

For years I’ve been contemplating the miracles that Love makes in our lives every day!