What is the Social Academy of Joy

For the past 30 years the New Horizons family has been working in many areas to try to rekindle hope and bring Joy to those who live in situations of deep distress. Thanks to these experiences, the New Horizons community has created numerous training courses for people who desire to put their talents to use and commit to building a better world together. This is how the SOCIAL ACADEMY OF JOY was born. It offers innovative courses for those who desire to work in the many areas where the Community operates and for those who desire to deepen their training in order to bring joy in their areas of action.

The SOCIAL ACADEMY OF JOY's courses offer training and experiences in the following areas:

Social Academy of Joy - Chiara Amirante
  • Reception, Support and Guidance;
  • Prevention and Awareness;
  • International Cooperation and Social Services;
  • Communication and Mass-Media;
  • Entertainment and Performing Arts;
  • Education, Cultural Promotion and Publishing;
  • Economy and Work;
  • Spirituality and Prayer;
  • Environment, Sport and Health;
  • Education and Childhood;
  • Harmony and Artistic Expression.
Training offer

Stay tuned on the new courses offered by the Social Academy of Joy

Due to the current pandemic, the activities of the Social Academy of Joy are on hold. We will restart them and offer new online courses as well very soon!

Register now and we will inform you as soon as we restart the new activities!