What is the Spiritherapy

Have you ever thought about the fact that what sets us apart from all other creatures is the ability to love and our spiritual dimension?

What could change in your life if you seriously began to work on discovering and putting the great potential of our spirit to good use?

The Spiritherapy is a pathway of self-knowledge and inner healing on the art of loving that can lead you to unveil the wonder that is in you and the divine spark imprinted in your soul, make it shine in all its beauty and live every moment of your life to the fullest.


We have a body and a mind, but we often forget about the importance of our spirit. If we neglect the needs of our body and mind, we get sick! The same happens with our spirit. If we don’t take care of our spirit, we get interiorly sick: a silent malaise keeps growing in the heart and the soul until it becomes the companion of our life.

There are more and more courses that help us to respond to our physical needs, or discover how to best use the great potential of our minds, but there are very few that help us to discover that our spirit has a much greater potential than our brain and that tells us how to discover and express it.

Moreover, since we are little, everyone teaches us that when we get injured, we need to clean, disinfect and treat the wound immediately otherwise it gets infected and there are consequences for the whole body. However,very few people tell us how to recognise and treat the wounds in our hearth.

We have a lot of opportunities to understand and improve many arts, but very few to learn and grow in the fundamental art for our life: the art of loving and living every moment in the best possible way.

Many years ago, I started going into the streets at night to try to help many young people who live in despair and to get them out of infernal tunnels. The people of the night immediately became my new family. Since the opening of the first New Horizons community in 1994,, started living with street people day and night. I immediately experienced that the wounds that crushed their hearths were terrible.. The young people I was living with didn’t have the money, the consistency and the willingness to undergo years of psychotherapy. However, I still desired to find a way to help them to be happy, heal the wounds of their hearths, and free them from many unhealthy habits that were rooted in their hearts and that slowly created the terrible malaise that imprisoned them.

I desired with all my heart that they could discover the fullness of joy that I discovered thanks to a spiritual journey, and the inner peace that withstands the most terrible tests that life has in store for us.

I thus discovered that to work on the wounds of the heart it is necessary to focus on the dimension of the human being with the biggest potential: the spirit!

From there I started to create and propose a pathway of self-knowledge and healing of the hearth on the art of loving that I then calledSPIRITHERAPY.

I couldn’t believe the incredible effects that this proposal had on the guests living in the residential community. They all had really dramatic and devastating stories, but after a few days, they started smiling again, their hard faces changed, a new light appeared in their eyes. The more consistent they were in the journey and the more they desired to testify the newly discovered joy and to rekindle hope in those who were in similar situations of distress.

The same started to happen with thousands of people, even successful ones, that wanted to participate in the weekend of training, in the many courses and the local sharing groups in order to go on this journey themselves. Many people who committed to the Spiritherapy seriously and consistently made fundamental inner changes. They experienced the healing of very deep and conditioning wounds and this allowed them to be happier and more accomplished people. For this reason, over the years I felt the desire to propose the Spiritherapy to as many people as possible.

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