International Institute of Spiritherapy


Our mission is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to take part in the self-knowledge and heart healing pathway based on the art of loving created by Chiara Amirante. This is done through seminars, training weekends, courses, master courses, videos, workshops, podcasts, handbooks, training and sharing groups.

We aim to help people to:

  • Take part in a journey to heal their interiority and the wounds of their heart
  • Improve the relationship with themselves, with others and with God
  • Put their spiritual potential to good use
  • Reach peace, interior freedom, joy and personal fulfilment

The International Institute of Spiritherapy creates courses that are open to all and offer new instruments and pathways to:

  • Grow in your ability to give and receive love
  • Discover and put your talents to good use
  • Have more fulfilling relationships
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Deepen your spirituality
  • Learn to handle your emotions
  • Find a balance in the emotional and sexual sphere
  • Heal the wounds of your heart
  • Free yourself from addictions
  • Handle anxiety and stress better
  • Learn to meditate, pray, and deepen your spirituality
  • Give meaning to suffering
  • Acknowledge your weaknesses and turn them into strength
  • Know and overcome your fears
  • Be yourself
  • Free yourself from dysfunctional attitudes that increase your interior discomfort
  • Live consciously and free yourself from sadness
  • Learn the art of making decisions

Discover the Training Offer of the International Institute of Spiritherapy.